Energy news from africa

How is Africa doing in terms of renewable energy?

We all follow the news and agree that there are so many rural places in africa without electricity. The government can really take the initiative and start working on a sustainable renewable energy plan for the future of africa.

Without a plan, Africa cannot grow, evolve, prosper and move forward with the rest of the world. Why not invest in solar panels? Africa is very fortunate to get so much sun that its undeniably beneficial to this and the next generation to come.

The island of Malta is doing something very very similar. The government has launched a rebate scheme where you get about €2300 in refunds on your first solar panel purchase. This is awesome news considering that they have to abide by European law. The leading solar panel installer in Malta Renergy Limited  have really taken this news as a breath of fresh air, their sales have increased by 70% the last few weeks.

“Its a really great investment decision” stated the director of Renergy

Here is a video on africa Photovotaic panels installation

Update: With the climate change going on the Africa, the government has finally decided that it is time to spend and invest more in renewable energy sources. Videos below